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Shanghai xinran compressor co.,ltd is the leading air compressor manufacturer and exporter in China, authorized by the ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation. (Tel: +86-13621769700, We offer a wide range of Air Compressors, including Ingersoll-Rand Air Compressor, Atlas Copco Air Compressor and CompAir Air Compressor, reciprocating air compressors, screw air compressors, sliding vane air compressors, centrifugal air compressors, oilless air compressors...

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Xinran Air Compressor

    1. Xinran Breathing Air Compressor This type suits for fire control,diving and industrial and commercial air stations…
    1. Xinran Piston Air Compressor1. Heavy load
      2. Low rotating speed
      3. Operating for long time
      4. Once oil injection can be used for long time...
    1. Xinran Screw Air CompressorXinran Screw Air Compressor is made of motor, electricity, air and cooling (including after cool). Before delivery, it has been assembled and tested strictly by computer.
      Convenient delivery and transportation, and low noise make the installment of screw air compressor more flexible...
    1. Xinran Oilless Air Compressor1. Adopt large sized cooler and cooling fan, suits for under 45℃ high temperature, high humidity and dusty environment, especially suits for 24-hour operation.
      2. Xinran patented oilless screw adopts new double-stage screw which reduces oil leakage by 8% than the old one....
    1. Xinran Scroll Air Compressor1. Energy Saving Operation: It adopts “start and stop control” for the least waste. And linked with the changing demand of the gas plant to achieve the most reasonable run.
      2. Satisfying Support Function: If one air compressor stopped, the chain control would automatically activate backup air compressor. Even if there is nobody at night, it is also safe to use.
    1. Xinran PET Bottle Blowing Air Compressor1. Overall assembly structure, without foundation, as long as placed on the flat ground and connected with pipeline, meanwhile equipped with standard lifting rings and forklift hole, easy installation.
      2. Large-bore, low-speed, 24 hours heavy-duty continuous operation as design concept, less wearing parts, simple maintenance, high reliability, high stability, long using life.
    1. Xinran High Pressure Air CompressorHigh Pressure Wind Cooled Piston Air Compressor Units...
    1. Xinran Centrifugal Air CompressorThis compressor assimilates XINRAN years of aviation technology and professional experience, with an unmatched TurboMaster performance, easy operation and bringing you world-class technology....
    1. Xinran Coal-Bed Methane CompressorCoal-bed Methane Recycling Unit series products are mainly of wet screw air compressors host, used for coal mine gas recycling, natural gas secondary production, oil fields, refineries, natural gas plants, Vinylon Works and chemical fiber plants, etc, as well as combustible gas recycling and utilization of petrochemical enterprises and liquefied petroleum gas stations.The product can recycle and utilize energy and...
    1. Xinran Sliding-Vane Air Compressor1. Highly modular embed technology twice won the highest honor of British mechanical design-Design Council Industrial Design Award.
      2. Concise appearance, perfect, save 95% control parts pipeline.
      3. Motor speeds of all models (also referred to head rotary speed) are 1469 n/min, which is only 20%-50% of screw-head.
    1. Xinran Nitrogen Generator1. The unique molecular sieve pinched protection measures with long using life.
      2. Low energy consumption, high-purity nitrogen products.
      3. Reasonable internal components, evenly distributed air, reducing high-speed airflow impact.
      4. High degree automation of full set of equipment
    1. Xinran Explosion-Proof Air CompressorXINRAN adopts all-pneumatic control and has won coal mines products safety certificates and mining used certificate. The explosion-proof compressors provided by our company is widely used in machinery manufacturing, marine, mining, locomotive, energy, defense, oil, chemicals, food, textile, Household appliances, and other industries because of their unique advantages in structure, mechanics and reliability...