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Atlas Copco Oilless Screw Air Compressor

ZT/ZR 15-45, ZT/ZR 37 and 50VSD
Atlas Copco Oilless Screw Air Compressor
15-50 Kw (20-67hp)
7.5 y 8.6 bar(e) - 110 and 125 psi
37-125 l/s - 2.2-7.5 m3/min - 78-265 cfm
• 100% oilless air
• No need to deal with the problem of condensate
• Easy operation and maintenance
• Stable performance

Technical Parameters of Atlas Copco Oilless Screw Air Compressor
Performance Advantages
• Entirely integrated with sound proof configuration • Compatibility of all components ensure best efficiency and highest reliability
• Both ID dryer or IMD dryer are available • High quality products and reliable production process
• Two kinds of acoustic enclosure are optional: standard type and workplace air system. • Low installment and delivery cost
• IP 55 driven motor • Flange motor
• Two-grade double-teeth compressed rotor is connected with middle and after cooler • Ensure low energy consumption and precision operation pressure
• VSD of 37 and 50 KW are available • To achieve maximum energy-saving
• Elektronikon high electronic monitor and communication system • High efficiency and automatic control of compressor

Z 55-90 series Oilless Screw Air Compressor

This new type oilless screw air compressor has larger pressure range, higher flow and lower specific power.
Performance Advantages
Entirely oilless No oil in condensate
Wind cooled and water cooled Easy installation and low cost
Improved water cooled products, low consumption of cooling water Low energy consumption
Low energy consumption No basis needed
Performance meet ISO 1217, Appendix C,Ed. 3 Few maintenance
Stable performance Flexibility
Easy operation and maintenance Low vibration level
Noise elimination assembly Verified reliability
-110-900 kW
-7.5 - 8.6 - 10 - 10.4 bar(e) - 100, 125 and 150 psig
-250-2456 l/s - 15.0-147.3 m3/min - 530-5206 cfm - 50/60 Hz

ZR/ZT110-900 series Oilless Screw Air Compressor

Stable production process, high quality product, low running and maintenance cost, and meet the requirements of environment protection. These are features of all oilless compressors.
Performance Advantages
Integration   100% oilless
IP 55 (TEFC) driven motor (LV) No oil in condensate 
Middle and after cooler Entirely oilless
Water separator and automatic steam trap Easy installation and low cost 
Imported filter   Wind and water cooled 
Complete water circulation (ZR) Water cooled, low consumption of cooling water 
Complete presetting pipeline cycle   Verified reliability 
All necessary connectors Performance meet ISO 1217,Appendix C,Ed. 3
Pre-installed power distribution box   Flexibility 
Sound elimination canopy   Stable performance 
Chassis structure Easy for operating and maintenance  
Inside oil breathing system   Silent type product 
Wholly automatic adjustment or VSD speed control adjustment Small vibration 
Star delta starter or ultra-soft starter (used for VSD) Offering energy-saving variable speed drives and full-performance products 
Recovery of optional accessories   FF type is equipped with IMD dryer 
Standard is optional  

-30-500 kW
-1-3.5 bar(e) – 15-50 psig
-128 to 2058 l/s - 272 to 4360 cfm (wind cooled ZE can achieve 849 l/s - 1800 cfm)

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