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CompAir Screw Air Compressor

The latest CompAir Oil Injection Screw Air Compressor L15-L22 series adhere to ultra quiet principle in design, with continuous improvement and innovation to further ensure excellent performance and high reliability of CompAIR air compressor.

CompAir Screw Air Compressor
CompAir L15-L22 standard control system optimizes and monitors unit operation according to users’requirements.
It has following function:
※ display exhaust pressure
※ display oil/gas temperature
※ display operating time
※ regular tips for maintenance time
※ breakdown indicating
※ remote start/stoppage
※ remote load/unload
※ breakdown output
※ restart automatically after power is cut off

CompAir Oil Injection Screw Air Compressor series integrate the most advanced technology and craft, continuously providing economic, reliable and high quality compressed air for users.

L22S-L250 CompAir Screw Air Compressor
ensures low temperature of system and compressed air, to ensure all parts get the best cooling effect.

Intelligent Control System
CompAir Screw Air Compressor is equipped with intelligent control system, which can optimize and monitor unit operation according to users’requirements
※ self-inspection of system before starting
※ monitor all relevant safety parameters
※ automatically restart after power is cut off
※ automatic operation-motor only work when necessary
※ monitor maintenance interval
※ soft start to protect driving system
※ timer controls starting frequency
※ cooling fan with temperature control can save energy

Precision Pressure Control
Cyclon SR can keep precisely designed pressure.

Soft start function of SR driving system and stable control system reduce the load of machinery and electronic components. It simplifies system structure and improves reliability.

Dependable Quality
We strictly carry out 1SO9001 international certification system in process of designing and producing which are also continuously monitored by us and LLOYD institute to ensure high quality and reliability of products.

Easy Installation
Comparing with common screw air compressor, Cyclon SR has small supporting feet which simplified installation.Easy Start System and Maintenance

Flexible Configuration
Design of Cyclon SR can achieve high efficiency when operating; it can be used alone and also can cooperate with other compressors.

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