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INGERSOLL-RAND Oilless Air Compressor

Nirvana Speed Control Screw Air Compressor
INGERSOLL-RAND Oilless Air Compressor
Ingersoll-Rand offers you a kind of compressor which is really of speed control function, depending on its unparalleled reliability, high efficiency of energy saving, excellent technology and modular system design, which provides high efficiency and energy saving compressor for users. Comparing with standard screw air compressor unit and other frequency converter set, Nirvana can offer most gas amount, biggest adjusting range and highest efficiency.

SIERRA 37-300KW Oilless Screw Air Compressor Unit

We continuously provide air system solution for users with 125 years’ experience in compressor manufacturing. As an important part of air system solution, Sierra 37-300KW oilless screw air compressors offer you excellent technology and quality.

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