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Products ›› Air Treatment
    1. Xinran Refrigerated DryerSmall-sized Refrigerated dryer suits for air compressed system below 1--40Nm3/min with wide suitable range and low running cost, is reliable and stable drying device.
      Air capacity: 1.0Nm3/min~120Nm3/min...
    1. Xinran Desiccant DryerBased on the principle of transforming and adsorbing, no heat regeneration dryer makes the desiccant to adsorb from the pressure of the system then disengage its adsorption by switch to atmospheric pressure and elicit about 14% of desiccate gas to regenerate the desiccant from the exist of the dryer once more. Control system of PH type dryer adopts time controller of America POLYTRON Company with reliable performance.
    1. Xinran High Efficiency FiltersXINRAN filter can remove air pollutant with high efficiency, all economic loss caused by polluting of compressed air can be avoided by installing XINRAN filter. XINRAN company has 20 years’ rich experience in purifying area of compressed air.
    1. Xinran After-coolerAfter-cooler is a necessary part in the process of air compressing, this kind of After-cooler can cool high temperature of compressed air to conventional temperature of around 40℃, which reduces heat load of other devices in air compressing system....
    1. Xinran Combination DryerCombination dryer is made up of Refrigerated dryer and no heat regeneration dryer through proper pipeline connection. Among them, Refrigerated dryer can remove about 87% of water content in compressed air, while pressure dew point of outlet compressed air for regeneration dryer can achieve -40℃. Comparing with no heat regeneration dryer and micro-heat regeneration dryer, operation of combination drying system is more reliable and has higher efficiency, saving greatly running cost....
    1. Domnick Hunter FilterDomnick Hunter filter can remove air pollutant with high efficiency, all economic loss caused by polluting of compressed air can be avoided by installing Domnick Hunter OIL-Xplus filter. Domnick Hunter company has 40 years’rich experience in purifying area of compressed air....
    1. Domnick Hunter DryerCompressed air is an important power which is widely used in various area of industry. All air of compressed system is from atmosphere, among which has large amount of dust, vapor, not fully burned hydrocarbon and bacteria. In addition, lubricant system of air compressor will also produce some pollutants. All of this mixed together will form a kind of corrosive oil sludge which damages device, corrodes pipeline, increases maintenance cost, pollutes environment, etc...
    1. Domnick Hunter Nitrogen GeneratorMAXIGAS nitrogen generator produced by Domnick Hunter Company is a kind of advanced industrial nitrogen generator, which has been widely used in automobile, chemical industry, electronics and plastic processing. MAXIGAS nitrogen generator is designed and manufactured by strictly conforming, which can continuously provide safe and reliable air source around the clock, purity of nitrogen is from 97% to 99.999%. ...
    1. Domnick Hunter Water-Oil SeparatorDomnick Hunter high efficiency WS series air compressed water separator can remove 99% of water in compressed air, working efficiency of air compressed system will be improved greatly at the same time with energy saving and low maintenance cost...
    1. Shenjiang Receiver TankShenjiang Receiver Tank is designing and manufacturing unit of D1 and D2 pressure vessel, which has been approved by State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. It is the largest manufacturer of D1 and D2 air system (gas storage tank) at home. Shanghai Shengjiang gas storage tank can produce serialization standing storage tank of capacity from 0.3m3 to 70m3, totally over 100 specifications. In addition, Shanghai Shengjiang gas storage tank can design and manufacture other various D1 and D2 pressure vessels according to users’requirements....