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Screw Oilless Air Compressor

Technical features of Xinran Screw Oilless Air Compressor
Screw Oilless Air Compressor

Design Features of Xinran Screw Oilless Air Compressor:
1. Adopt large sized cooler and cooling fan, suits for under 45℃ high temperature, high humidity and dusty environment, especially suits for 24-hour operation.
2. Xinran patented oilless screw adopts new double-stage screw which reduces oil leakage by 8% than the old one.
3. Screw is equipped with many stainless axis seal to prevent oil and ashes.
4. Xinran High-tech unload valve control system automatically keep stable discharge pressure.
5. Monitoring compressor operation condition with high precision, maintenance reminding function and many warning functions can assure normal operation and reduce stoppage for no reason.
6. Adopt precise and long using life parts.
7. With a variety of electrical protection device to prevent the impact of anti-thunder and instantaneous blackouts, so air compressor can resume normal operation.
8. Adopt imported confined cold-fan motors, suitable for high-temperature, high humidity and dusty environment, to improve security and reliability.
9. Control box adopts IP55 water proof specification.

ITCS (Intelligent Manipulation Plate) of Screw Oilless Air Compressor
1. Unique computer control system of Xinran compressor, adopts several advanced technology, which can monitor all operations; a number of self-detection functions improve the performance of compressor to a new level.
2. According to terms of use, if chooses automatically stop and start, or abnormal situation occurs, because of the powerful failure display function, it can take quick and correct actions.
3. Maintenance Information: Clean filters, replace oil filter and suction filter, replace the lubricant, add grease, maintenance sensor failure and bad cooling water.Warning information: Lubricating oil pressure is too low, temperature of 2-stage inhaled air is too high, oil temperature is too high, 1-stage outlet air temperature is too high, 2-stage outlet air temperature is too high, battery voltage is low。
4. Breakdown Information: The main motor is overload, phase-lack of power supply, oil pump current and fan motor current overload, abnormal cooling water supply, low oil pressure, high oil temperature, high 1-stage outlet air temperature, high outlet air temperature of 2-stage, sensor failure, the starter drive failure and high main motor temperature.

Energy-Saving Operation of Oilless Air Compressor
1. Pressure Unload Range: New Emeraude series adopts high efficiency unloading system, which adjusts unloading range of old series from 1 kg to 0.5 kg.
2. New Emeraude series "energy-saving logic" unloading system forces unloading cycle every 23 seconds, to effectively conserve energy.
3. Automatically stop and start function: ITCS computer-controlled plate continuously monitor the air pressure and gas of the production line, which can save a lot of energy

Long Maintenance Cycle/Save Maintenance Time of Screw Oilless Air Compressor
i. Screw replacement cycle: every 9 years (one-stage screw), every 6 years (second-stage screw)
ii. Unloading system replacement cycle: every 3 years
iii. Replace lubricants and oil filter every year.
iv. New cooler enhance cooling effect and decrease scale formation.
v. Firm machine body with low vibration.
vi. All lubricant connection adopt G-fiber paper pad and O-Aprons
vii. Adopt timed and automatic drainage to ensure water discharge.
viii. New improved oil filter increases bearing life
ix. Control electrical box is equipped with power protection switch.
x. Configure fuel tank exhaust filters, do not need to install oil and gas discharge pipeline

Ultra-clean Air of Oilless Air Compressor
Low Noise and Compact Structure,Special Axis for Optimum Effect

Clean Air of Oilless Air Compressor
Exclusive Development of 2-stage shaft provides optimal seals, which lock compressed air to prevent leakage, and the twist seal cuts off the oil, which assures the outlet air is oilless.

Durable with Excellent Operation and Maintenance-Free
Oilless compression designed rotors have no contact, and longer life of bearing. No oil injection troubles.

Compact Structure and Complete Equipment
More compact design makes the machine body smaller than before.

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