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INGERSOLL-RAND Accessories & Consumables

Ingersoll-Rand Oil Filter

Ingersoll-Rand oil filter with small resistance and long using time can effectively percolate sediment, metal grain, and oil impurity and further prolong using life of bearing and screw.

Ingersoll-Rand Overhauling Bearing of Machine Head

Ingersoll-Rand entirely imported bearing makes rotor of compressor operate more quietly and safely, it can work around the clock with high efficiency.

Ultra Coolant

Ultra Coolant is an engineered synthetic coolant designed to achieve highest performance of compressors for contacting cooled rotary screw air compressors. Ultra Coolant's unique formulation allows long useful life, excellent cooling performance and improving compressor’s efficiency.

Model Base Stock ISO Viscosity
SAE Grade Viscosity Index CNN
Box of Gallons (4) 1-gallon PAG-Ester 46 10W20 172 39170410
Pail 5 gallon PAG-Ester 46 10W20 172 39433735
Drum 55 gallon PAG-Ester 46 10W20 172 39433743

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