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Shanghai xinran compressor co.,ltd is the leading air compressor manufacturer and exporter in China, authorized by the ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation. (Tel: +86-13621769700, We offer a wide range of Air Compressors, including Ingersoll-Rand Air Compressor, Atlas Copco Air Compressor and CompAir Air Compressor, reciprocating air compressors, screw air compressors, sliding vane air compressors, centrifugal air compressors, oilless air compressors...

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CompAir Air Compressor

    1. CompAir Sliding-Vane Air Compressor* High module embedded technology twice won the highest honor of British mechanical design--Design Council Industrial Design Award
      * Concise appearance, perfect, save 95% control parts pipeline.
      * Speed of all models (also head speed) are 1469 n / min, only screw-head speed is 20 to 50 percent.
    1. CompAir Screw Air CompressorThe latest CompAir Oil Injection Screw Air Compressor L15-L22 series adhere to ultra quiet principle in design, with continuous improvement and innovation to further ensure excellent performance and high reliability of CompAIR air compressor....
    1. CompAir Oilless Screw Air CompressorCompAir WS water cooling and lubricated system did’t provide inner gear, filter, middle or post cooling equipment, which makes WS become the most reliable and quietest oilless compressor in the market....
    1. CompAir Portable Air CompressorPressure: 7 ~ 24 bar ( 100 ~ 350 psig )
      Air production of Cl60TS-12R portable air compressor is of 16m 3 /min speed which can be used for 12 functions.
      Air production of C180TS-9 is 18m 3 /min which can be used for 9 functions at the same time.
    1. CompAir High Pressure Air CompressorFor more than 50 years, CompAir and MAKO has always been the reliable breathing compressor suppliers for global fire and security, amateur and professional diving, sea, offshore and defense industry.
      MAKO series breathing compressor combined reliable technology and rich experience of CompAir, the products distribute whole North and South America, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Asia, and Australia, providing reliable and high quality breathing air.
    1. CompAir Centrifugal CompressorAfter-cooler can decrease air temperature to a safe and usable level. It reduces water content in air by 70%.
      This method is through cooling compressed air and making a large amount of water condensed and separated, then heating compressed air to avoid condensation formed outside of pipeline system...