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INGERSOLL-RAND Reciprocating Air Compressor

Ingersoll-Rand High Pressure Wind Cooled Piston Air Compressor Unit
INGERSOLL-RAND Reciprocating Air Compressor
Power Range of the Motor: 3-20HP
Pressure Range: 300psig-6,000psig

Ingersoll-Rand High Pressure Wind Cooled Piston Air Compressor Unit

Power Range of the Motor: 15-20HP
Pressure Range: 300psig-6,000psig

Ingersoll-Rand Single and Two-Stage Piston Air Compressor

T30 Single-Stage and Two-Stage Air Compressors are widely used in sectors which need reliable gas source such as industry, construction, vehicle maintenance, painting, gas stations, electronic for its high efficiency, stable quality and perfect after-sales service network.

Ingersoll-Rand Oilless Piston Compressor Unit

Ingersoll-Rand Oilless Piston Compressor’s outstanding cooling effect and precision cooperation between parts and components can make the unit operates continuously for 24 hours a day without any breakdown, in addition, the use of advanced technology extends the unit's maintenance intervals and greatly reduces the time for maintenance.

Ingersoll-Rand High Pressure Air System Solutions- Special High Pressure Compressor Unit for Bottle Blowing Industry

In PET bottle blowing industry, Ingersoll-Rand is the main supplier of high pressure air source. Through long-term accumulation of practical experience, we are fully aware of PET industry’s demand for air system, and we are the only qualified supplier to meet your demands for air system.

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